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Fake Belly Bars

Fake Belly Bars, Fake Belly Rings & Fake Navel Jewellery
-  Fake Body Jewellery for Belly Buttons

Jazz up your belly button with our fantastic range of fake belly button jewellery!  We stock clip-on belly bars and stick-on belly crystals.   Our fake belly clips have a spring loaded closure system to ensure the belly bar stays securely in place.  Our stick-on belly crystals include four reusable stick-on pads so they can be reused on various special occasions, no special glue required! 

All our fake navel jewellery is designed for temporary wear but gives the appearance of a real belly button piercing.  They require no holes or body modification at all.  

Non-piercing belly jewellery is an excellent gift or stocking filler at Christmas.  It is also ideal for checking out the look of a belly piercing while you consider having a permanent piercing.  If you choose to have a real belly button piercing later on, we stock a range of Belly Bars & Bananabells 

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