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Fake Ear Stretching Tapers

Fake Ear Stretching Tapers  -  Earrings for Pierced Ears

Our Fake Ear Stretching Tapers make it simple to get the amazing look of stretched ears with no pain or effort.  Each fake ear taper fits through a standard size pierced ear but make it look just like a real stretched earlobe.

Fake ear stretching tapers are designed in two pieces.  Screw off the front disk, insert the bar through your ear piercing and screw the front disk back on again.  You have the look of a real ear stretching instantly!

All our fake ear stretching tapers are sold singularly which gives you the choice to pick and choose the design you prefer for each ear. 

Our fake stretching tapers are available in acrylic or  stainless steel and we have a huge choice of colours and designs. If you are aiming for a simpler look, don't miss our selection of  Fake Flesh Plugs

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