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Fake Tragus & Helix Piercings

Fake Tragus Studs and Fake Clip-on Helix Rings  -  Fake Ear Piercings

Do you love the look of a tragus or helix piercing but are not ready for the commitment of a real piercing?  Well, our range of Fake Tragus & Helix Piercings are the perfect solution for you. 

We can offer you a choice of options including fake clip-on helix rings, magnetic fake tragus studs and stick-on body jewellery crystals in a variety of colours and designs.

Our clever Fake Helix Clip-on Ear Cuff can be worn on your helix with no piercing required!  You simply slide it onto your helix and gently squeeze until it fits snugly.  

Non-piercing helix and tragus jewellery is a great way to try out the look of an ear piercing while you consider having a permanent helix or tragus piercing in the future.  If you decide to have your helix or tragus pierced later on, we stock a range of real helix and tragus jewellery.

We have lots of fake body jewellery in stock including  Fake Belly Bars,   Fake Flesh Plugs  and   Fake Nose Rings 

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