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Measuring Guide

Style Sanctuary's Body Jewellery Measuring Guide

Before ordering your body jewellery, you need to know the correct size.  It's a good idea to ask your piercer what size jewellery your new piercing requires.  Write it down and keep it in your wallet or purse!


What is the Gauge Size?
The gauge size is the thickness of the bar or ring. This should be the same thickness as your piercing. 

What is the Internal Diameter?
The internal diameter is the width of the inside of the ring at its widest point. It does not include the ring itself. It is the space in the middle. You will need to know this measurement when purchasing a ball closure ring, circular barbell or segment ring.

What is the External Diameter?
The external diameter is the width of the outside of the ring at its widest point. It does include the ring itself. You may need to know this measurement when purchasing a nose ring.

How Do I Measure the Length of a Barbell?
The length of a barbell or straight bar is the space between the two balls. It does not include the balls. Do not remove the balls when measuring, as you don't want to measure the length of the thread. The thread is the part that the balls screw onto.

How Do I Measure a Belly Bar, Curved Bar or Zig-Zag Bar?
It's the same as measuring a straight bar. Measure the space between the balls in a straight line. You don't measure the bends in the bar.

Style Sanctuary's Ring Sizing Guide


We have created the following guide to help you find the perfect fit when purchasing your new ring. Our guide is easy to use. Simply download and print our PDF file and then match an existing ring to the circles provided.

Print this page at 100% (Actual Size). Make sure you do not select the “scale to fit page” or “shrink to fit page” option. 

Download Style Sanctuary's ring sizing guide here

This PDF document requires Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free from the Adobe website.