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Ear Stretching Jewellery

Ear Stretching Jewellery - Ear Stretching Tapers, Crescents & Spirals

Take a look at our range of ear stretching jewellery which includes ear stretching taper kits, stretching crescents and spirals.  We also have a full range of flesh tunnels and ear plugs.  

Ear stretching involves gradually increasing the size of an earlobe piercing hole  which has been initially created with a regular size ear piercing (1.2mm). The size of the hole is  slowly increased by gently stretching the earlobe tissue.  Once the hole has completely healed, the ear stretching process can be repeated until you have reached the size that you desire.  

Please consider that earlobes stretched to 6mm (2g) and beyond may not be able to return to their original size after jewellery has been removed.  

It is very important to stretch your earlobes slowly.  Only stretch up one size at a time.  Your earlobe must be fully healed before you embark on your next stretching.