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Nose Studs & Rings

Nose Piercing Jewellery – Nose Studs & Nose Rings

Nose piercings are incredibly popular as they look great on everyone.   You can wear either a nose ring or a nose stud in your piercing.

Nose studs and are an incredibly stylish piece of nose jewellery.   These cute little studs are simple to insert and comfortable to wear.  We stock an array of different nose studs including crystal nose bones.

Nose rings are another popular choice for nose piercings.  Ball closure rings are an ideal nose ring as they feature a captive ball which ensures the ring will stay securely in your nose.  We also sell Easy-Fit Nose Hoops.  These have a ball fixed on one side and require no screwing at all!  They are ideal if you have lost nose jewellery in the past. 

Do you fancy the look of a pierced nose but are worried about having a piercing?  If so, our range of fake nose rings are perfect for you!