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Piercing Retainers & Hiders

Body Piercing Retainers and Hiders

Hide your piercings with our range of piercing retainers and hiders!   These piercing retainers are ideal for keeping your piercings discreet whilst at work and school.   They will keep your piercing open but without drawing attention to it.

We sell retainers for belly, nose, labret, tongue and stretched ear piercings.   The materials we use are acrylic, bioflex, silicone and PTFE. 

If you have a hospital visit or operation planned,  we suggest bioflexible jewellery or PTFE retainers as they are safe for operations and x-rays.   If you are pregnant and don’t want your belly piercing to close up , PTFE jewellery is the ideal solution for you.   

Do you have stretched ears but need to hide them from the boss?   We can help.  Our flesh coloured silicone ear plugs will conceal your stretched earlobes.  They are perfect for job interviews!